The 360 PC

Work in progress project involving small computer components and a red ringed xbox 360.

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Today i used my rotary tool to seat the motherboard into the case. I grinded away a fair bit of the case and the inside of the faceplate. The plan for now is to use the outboard usb ports and audio ports as the main ports. The inboard ports will useless. The inboard usb ports can be used via the memory flaps at the front of the xbox. I had to mount the motherboard with ports facing forward as i needed the space for the power supply. The space where the pci slots aren’t needed will be overlapped by the power supply.

I also pulled out the cd drive from my laptop. The drive fits but im wondering how high the cpu waterblocks are. As the height may be a problem. With the cd drive in i will modify the drives bezel so that when i press down on the bezel of the xbox the drive will open.

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