The 360 PC

Work in progress project involving small computer components and a red ringed xbox 360.

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AsRock P55m-Pro motherboard has arrived after ordering the Asus which was not in stock. I didnt want to wait so i opted for a few millimeters bigger and $45 cheaper. That few millimeters are costly as it was just too big to fit without having to do any modifications on the case. I will need to dremel out the supports of the case and faceplate as they stuck out the 5mm that i needed.

Dimms 244mm x 224mm

At this rate fitting everything in looks impossible. I plan to run a 2 fan radiator across the whole case but i might opt for a one fan radiator and have the graphics card sticking out. Now with the graphics on the outside i will have room to mount the cd drive. Once the motherboard is mounted and the ram is in i will be able to find out what space is left.

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