The 360 PC

Work in progress project involving small computer components and a red ringed xbox 360.

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The idea of creating an xbox computer beast would be one of the most challenging projects i have ever thought of. This is my first case mod and being a challenging one. Fitting everything into a 300x250x80 box is going to be hard. I have done alot of research in finding components that have an extra small form factor.

The proposed system is as follows

Asus p7p55-m motherboard
Intel i5 750 cpu
4GB CL9 ram
ATi 4870 graphics card
600w Vortex Psu

Everything will be watercooled some how.

I believe that these specs are very ambitious but the person that i am, i am very determined to get what needs to make it happen.

My ideas are as follows

Stripping the xbox bare would be the first thing i will do.
Swap existing disc drive with slimline or laptop disc drive. Make mounts to fit and modify front plate to fit the bizel.
Fit my hard drive from my old computer into the hard drive case that the xbox uses. The xbox that i have got does not have a hard drive, so if it costs too much to buy the hard drive cover i will mount the hard drive internally.
I am looking to make use of the existing double fans, maybe use to cool the power supply as water cooling does not require this.
Fit the video card next to the cd drive and the hard drive can go above the cd drive, depending on where the cpu placement is.
Use a riser card with cable to flatten the graphics card. the card will be able to be moved and turned over.
Depending on where the cpu placement and everything else i may turn the motherboard around so that all the rear ports are facing the front and rewire extensions into the front face plate. So i can plug in usb, esata and firewire, and sound.
Initially fit mini power supply and either expand the side panel of the xbox or build a window, but when i got the first psu it was 450w but it was a new shuttle psu so had bung as plugs. 8pin cpu with 6pin motherboard, and no 20pin atx plug. The shuttle psu which had atx 20pin was 300w, which was not powerful enough.
Now i pulled apart my 600w vortex psu and i think i can put that psu in bu modifying the psu case and adding a few small fans. as the large 120mm fan took up half the room. Also rewire the psu plug so i can plug the cable in at the back of the xbox.
Now with the water cooling i will place the pump in front of the psu on the bottom and cut a hole on the side panel to mount the radiator. planning to run 2 fan radiator but maybe just 1 looks better.

PSU Dims 175x150x80 minus 120mm fan will be about 65mm. In length there is about 60mm of space i can make use of.

The last of my ideas is to buy an official xbox wireless reciever and xbox controller. so i can use the controller to play my fifa10.

Apologies for any stuff ups.


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